Hemp Man Purse… coming soon

I go to Nepal two to three times a year, and it is a crazy busy time.  I’m only there for about 10 days, and the whole time I’m working on new designs, mainly handbag designs.  In the past we did lots of unique items including computer bags, hats, belts and even pet leashes.  But now our main focus is handbags.

Each year I think about doing something different… something unique… something a bit funky.  This year, my mission was to make a really cool Man Bag… something that I would wear all the time.   It took about five revisions, but I think we nailed it.  It’s a first crack at it and if it sells well, we’ll add more versions in more colors, but I have to say… I love this Man Purse.

Hemp Man Purse from EarthDivas.com

I’ve been wearing this sample for a while now and I love it.  But wearing a handbag takes some getting use to.   I love the concept… everything in one place… my phone, my camera, my keys, my sunglasses, my wallet… everything.   And while this bag goes great with blue jeans, it’s not working well with a business suit.  But it’s a start…

What I love about this bag is the shape.  Yes, it has really high quality hemp, great zippers and nice lining.  But there is something about the shape that feels perfect.  It’s just flat out cool.  That was our goal, to make something cool,  and I think we nailed it.   When you wear it, it just feels right.  It’s not too big, but it’s big enough.  It feels natural and handmade, it has a certain Western look to it, feels masculine, it’s just really comfortable.  But I may be biased…

We would love your feedback on this man purse.  We’re going to make more in the future, and if you see a man purse you like, please send us a photo.  We’re always browsing the web and magazines for design inspiration.   I often walk up to folks and ask where they bought their handbag or backpack and usually ask if I can take a quick photo.   Our goal is to keep making better and more unique and beautiful items, and your feedback is really appreciated.

Thank You~~





About earthdivas

We work with artisans in Nepal and other countries to help them make items, and then we sell these online and to retail stores. All profits are paid back to the artisans that make the items.
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1 Response to Hemp Man Purse… coming soon

  1. ryan says:

    I bet you could pull it off with a suit, but you would need a funky pair of sunglasses and maybe some dreadlocks for the whole look!

    Can’t wait till it comes out. I am getting one for sure. My old man purse was an actual letter carrier bag from the US Army, circa 1950-something, that a Sargeant friend of mine gave as a gift. But it’s all tattered now and I think this hemp man purse will be perfect.

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