And That’s a Wrap…

And that’s a wrap… or so they say. Designs for Fall/Winter 2011 and Spring/Summer 2012 are 90% done. A few minor changes, then we make pre-production samples, and production begins with a June 15 target ship date. We have no advance orders, but we take our best guess of what will sell and how many we’ll need. It’s not art or science… it just a wild guess, combined with what we can afford to make.

Right now I feel a bit like a marathon runner crossing the finish-line… tired… exhausted in fact, but couldn’t be happier or more gratified with what we just accomplished. Last year we moved away from handbags made mainly of hemp, and started to make more bags using cotton. Our medium term goal is to covert all items to organic cotton, but this will take some time. Last year we introduced a wide range of styles, and based on what has sold well in the past, and now we’ve expanded on that look.

One of our best sellers last year was ACB-014, a black stone wash bag with black/dark embroidery. So our theme this year was stone wash, color on color designs… black on black, rust on rust, etc. Then we applied this concept to slings and hobo’s, which are our two most popular styles. We also pushed the edges of the envelope a bit, but never left the core principal of simple colors, simple designs, but with detailed handwork.

Throughout the year we work on new designs, and we’re always looking for inspiration. If you see a handbag or a dress or anything that you love, please send us a pic and we’ll try to make it. Thank You… Ed–

This blog posting was originally written on April 8th, 2011 while I was in Kathmandu, but I’ve just had a chance to upload it.

About earthdivas

We work with artisans in Nepal and other countries to help them make items, and then we sell these online and to retail stores. All profits are paid back to the artisans that make the items.
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